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Greetings. I am Robert Hamrin, founder and President of Great Dads. Great Dads is a ministry that began in the USA in 1996 to encourage fathers to turn their hearts to their children. We have seen over 36,000 fathers turn their hearts to their children as expressed in a Commitment Pledge that they have given to their over 90,000 children in 43 states in the USA and on four continents. Please visit our website www.greatdads.org for a comprehensive overview of our (seminar) training for dads and the exciting pathway God has led us along for 12 years.

I am excited and in prayer that Great Dads may be established in the Netherlands and also spread to many other European nations. I am pleased that Dolf van der Steeg, from I love my Family, shares this vision with me and has offered to facilitate this.

Our prayer is that the hearts of many fathers throughout Europe will turn to their children and that thousands of children can receive from their father the gift that many most desire: their father’s heart turned to them.

In Christ’s Love,

Robert Hamrin, President Great Dads

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